Point Distance Time Fuel
Portland 0 km 0:00 00 min 0.0 L
A200 C192 17 km, 12 min
Gorae West 17 km 0:12 12 min 0.9 L
C192 30 km, 20 min
Nelson 47 km 0:33 33 min 1.7 L
C192 59 km, 40 min
Mount Gambier 106 km 1:13 1 h 13 min 8.3 L
B1 27 km, 18 min
Tantanoola 134 km 1:32 1 h 32 min 10.0 L
B1 24 km, 18 min
Millicent 157 km 1:50 1 h 50 min 11.4 L
B101 116 km, 1 h 23 min
Kingston SE 273 km 3:13 3 h 13 min 18.6 L

How long is the drive from Portland to Kingston SE

This calculator can be used to estimate the driving time from Portland to Kingston SE. Calculation how many hours from Portland to Kingston SE was made without taking into account intermediate stops and traffic jams. The speed on each way segment was taken into account to estimate how long the drive is.

Portland - Kingston SE is ranked 72nd in the ranking popularity.
The distance between Portland and Kingston SE is 170 miles or 273 kilometers.
To calculate how far it is from Kingston SE to Portland by car, all intermediate way segments were totalized.
You can drive from Portland to Kingston SE through Mount Gambier, Tantanoola, Millicent, Nelson and Rendelsham.
Use the "Intermediate points" field inside the "Show advanced options" to calculate path from Portland to Kingston SE through specific transit points.
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